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I post photography work/projects that I enjoy. Keep up to date and follow for a constant, interesting mix of work.
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Robert Jackson

Quite a curious project by Eoin O’ Conaill


"Photographed on the suburban fringes of numerous cities throughout the UK, this work surveys a shared physical and psychological environment that exists outside the centre of commerce and production. It is often in these locations where the consequences of planning, political and economic decisions meet with human lives head on."

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Ed Panar - Back East 

In love with the perspectives of this project.

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A superb project on rural France by Kiritin Beyer

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Kevin Bauman - Small Churches

Always enjoyed the most formally structured projects, maybe it’s OCD, great project all round.

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Jurgen Nefzger - Holzwege

Found this quiet landscape based project that explores the notion that is taking a path off the beaten track.

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Julian Germain - For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness

"A series of photographs made over 8 years of the quiet, contemplative existence of Charles Snelling, an elderly man living alone in a small house in Portsmouth, shown alongside pages from Snelling’s own photo albums."

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Great submission by James Reeder who works with a range of mediums and installations. Have a browse at more of his work here -

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Laura Pannack - Young British Naturists.

Fantastic and Insightful project by Laura Pannack… 

Nakedness is usually reserved for the private realm.  We make sure the curtain is pulled before we undress.  On the beach, we wriggle awkwardly behind towels to preserve our modesty and a dropped corner is cause for deep blushes.  We keep our private parts hidden from view, known only to ourselves or given as a gift to a lover.  It is about more than just skin.  Nakedness is a concept as much as it is a state of being, and one wreathed in paradox.  With it are bound notions of privacy, self possession, jurisdiction.  It can connote innocence or sexuality, purity or depravity.  It can signify both power and vulnerability, used to liberate or humiliate.

We arrive in this world without a stitch on our backs, raw-skinned and unadorned.  In infancy and childhood, nudity is still considered natural, a sign of prelapsarian purity, untainted by the unseemly connotations that begin to attach themselves as we draw nearer to adolescence.   As newborns we are free, unencumbered with the societal expectations of clothing, the delineations of style, the consumerist pressures of fashion.  All these are yet to come.

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Michele Bressan - Waiting For The Drama


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